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Are you a trendsetter in your school? That’s who we look for as Senior Crew Members – students who are ahead of the curve, and willing to share your experience at Focus Photography with your friends.

You’ll get a concept shoot in June, your senior shoot in July will be free, and you’ll be listed on our Trendsetters page. You’ll have the opportunity to try new photoshoot ideas with us throughout the year, and your feedback to us will help shape the future of Focus Photography.

And what will you have to do in return? Participate, brag, share, and honestly answer questions.

Marina at the beach in an armchair
Maria in a dance poster

Be A Senior


The Concept Shoot

Before school lets out, you’ll schedule a concept shoot with Will to help us freshen-up our portfolio. Most of these are at our studio, and you’ll pick from ideas such as fashion-shoot, extreme sports posters, multi-colored lighting, and composites, or pitch your own idea for something unique that we haven’t even thought of!

Get your senior session


Senior sessions at Focus Photography are regularly priced at $400. Yours will be free in the month of July!

Since you’re a trendsetter, you’ll want to be photographed before everyone else comes in August (and since it’s only free in July, better pick a date soon!)

See our sessions page for choices. Your parents will still have an order deposit for each location we go to, but you’ll have earned your session!

Katie at the beach at sunset
Tiana in a prom dress shoot

You’ll be on our

Trendsetters’ Page

After your first shoot, we’ll ask you to answer some questions about working with Will, the images we’ve taken, and some fun things about you.

We’ll put you on our senior page as someone other students can talk to about Focus Photography. We’ll show off your cool images, and you’ll post a link to your answers on whatever social sites you use.

All Year


Throughout the year Will does crazy shoots he needs models for, and our Senior Crew gets first shot at them. Whether its modeling prom dresses, trying out new locations, props, or equipment, if you like being photographed, you’ll love this!

In January we’ll ask you for one more thing – find us a replacement you. Help us find a junior or two that would want to do the same thing you did.

That’s it. There’s no selling, or gathering of names, or any of the boring things that photography ‘rep’ programs require. Let’s just take some cool pictures and show them off.

Kenzie in a multi-image strip

What’s it going to be….

Are you in?


Apply Today!


Senior Crew Application Form

  • Thank you for your interest in being part of our Senior Crew! The fields with asterisks are required, the others aren't, but we like to know who we might be working with. And we like to know who will and who won't give us feedback 🙂

    Oh, and if you get called away while you're filling out your application and have to finish later, there's a save and continue later link at the bottom right! It's not great (you have to scroll all the way down the screen to see the link to come back), but it works.
  • You

    Tell us about yourself - who you are, where you live, and how to get in touch with you.
  • (###)###-#### please. 🙂
  • Which social sites are you on, and what are your profile names?

  • Your School

    Where you go, favorite subjects, sports & activitites

  • Your Vision

  • It's okay if you've never thought about this, but some people have.

  • Your Life

  • Tell us your parents' names and if they're together; your siblings names & ages; and if you have pets, their type, breed and names, please and thank you!
  • (###)###-#### please. 🙂

  • E-Sign the Application

    By clicking yes to these 4 boxes you will be E-Signing your application to Focus Photography's Senior Crew. Hurray you!
  • I've talked this over with my parents and told them what I'm doing, and that they'll have to come to my photoshoot with me, or get permission from you not to come.
  • If I participate in the Senior Crew, I am willing to grant permission to Focus Photography to use my images in advertising.
  • I agree I will not represent or be photographed by another portrait studio if I participate in this program.
  • I agree I will not be aloof, pouty, spoiled or cranky during my photoshoots:) And, I will laugh at Will's jokes, even if they're not funny.

  • What's Next?

    Lucia and Will will review all applications, and reply as quickly as they can. If you're approved, we'll send you a link to schedule your concept shoot right away.Please note, we want your mom involved! You either have to bring her to your concept shoot, or have her call us beforehand, or better yet, BOTH!