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At The Beach

Sun, Sand and Sea

In The Park

Flowers & Trees

The Old Port

The Best Portland Has To Offer!

In Our Studio

Sports, Fashion, and Perfect Hair

Where Will We Go?

Choose Your Locations

When you choose Focus Photography for your senior pictures in Maine, you’ll have a choice of six different locations we shoot at regularly, or of picking somewhere entirely new that’s special to you!  All locations are about an hour, and we’ll bring a changing tent with us so you can have several outfits (3 works well for each location, but if you’re a fast changer, more.)

Most seniors choose a studio segment, and then an outdoor segment, and our most popular combination is Studio and then the Old Port.

You’re session fee (see below) stays the same whether you choose one location, or four – only your minimum order increases!  And since the minimum order for each location is only $200 (all of which you get to spend with us any way you like), the only question to ask is ‘which outfits will I wear, where?’

Rest assured, we want your images to rock!  In the event of rain, your outdoor locations will be rescheduled!

From Fashion to Sports

In The Studio

You’ll have perfect hair, and perfect lighting for your studio session, and with dozens of background and foreground combinations, no two studio sessions are ever the same

The Studio is also where we shoot our Extreme Sports Composites, Fashion Strips, Concept Shoots, and RockStar images, and is our most popular location and the easiest to schedule!

Portland’s Downtown

The Old Port

Cobblestones, city scenes, and a bustling working waterfront – Portland’s Old Port has a style all its own.

From gritty urban looks, to nautical shots by the boats, your images will have a ton of variety when you choose the Old Port as a location for your senior pictures with Focus Photography.

Your Old Port shoot can be scheduled right after your Studio shoot, and together they make a perfect inside/outside session.

Sand, Sea, and Sky!

At The Beach!

On no other coast but Maine’s can you get as many backgrounds and unique images in one photo session! On the sand, among the rocks, or in the wildflowers, The Beach has it all.

Beach shoots are scheduled in the evening only (for best light).

Back to Nature

The Park

The Park is the place to go if you want portraits with flowers, trees, grass and sunlight. The bright colors of tulip beds and manicured lawns form perfect backgrounds, and you’ll have an audience of ducks to cheer you on.  

Senior pictures can be scheduled at the park anytime except midday(11-2).

Woods and Trails

The Audobon Center

Perfect for ‘outdoorsy’ students, the Audobon Center has miles of hiking trails, apple trees, meadows, and views.  If being among the wildflowers and wildlife is your thing, this is your place!  

Best in the early morning or evening.

History Along the Rocky Shore

Fort Williams

Fort Williams combines the ruins on an Italian villa, a military site, the world’s most photographed lighthouse, and Maine’s rocky shore into one spectacular spot in Cape Elizabeth.  

It will be busy, of course, as no tour bus travelling through Maine would miss it, so Fort Williams is not the best choice for students who would prefer to avoid the limelight.

Any time except midday (11-2).

We’ll Come To You!

Your Place!

Over the 12 years we’ve been creating senior pictures in Maine, our clients have asked us to go to golf courses, horse stables, yacht clubs, lake houses, football fields, airport tarmacs,   and back yards.

Unlike our other locations, Your Place shoots will have a travel fee to cover the time going to your perfect spot.


So how much does it cost to get the best Senior Pictures in Maine?



You only pay one session fee, whether we go to one location, or four!



For each location (except the Studio/Old Port Sale in the next block) there is a minimum order of $200, and you can spend it any way you want!



Includes $300 in Print Credit!

Save $200 over paying our normal session fee and $200 minimum order at two locations!  Valid for August sessions only.



Let’s look at three examples:


If you take our Studio/Old Port Sale, then you’ll have one extended session with two locations.  

You’ll start in our loft-style studio, and then journey out into Portland’s downtown and waterfront district for more images.

You’ll pay the $400 session/min. order combo-price, and then have $300 to spend on prints when you come back to see your images!

This is our most popular session each year, as the image variety and experience are hard to beat!


If you want to go to the Park and to the beach, your session fee will be $200, and you’ll have a minimum order of $200 for each spot.  Then whenyou come back to see your images,  you will have $400 to spend on whatever you want!


Let’s say you only want to go to one location, like Fort Williams.  Your session fee will be $200, and you’ll only have a $200 minimum order.

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