Client Reviews

Maine students and parents of students who came to Focus Photography for their senior pictures share their experiences.

“I have been flying airplanes since I was in 10th grade… That’s why my photoshoot took place at the Jetport.  I loved how Focus made my shoot all about me.”

— Steven Snyder


I am so pleased with how my pictures came out. I think you really captured me at my best. My mom almost cried when she saw a few – that’s a good sign!

In many of the images, you were able to capture my serious side, something that does not often show itself. I also liked how some of the pictures weren’t exactly portraits, but more like pieces of art that happened to have me in them.

When I looked at the Focus website. I was really impressed by the combination of creativity and professional quality of your images. At first, I thought the prices would be out of reach, but then I realized that the prices for other photographer were about the same, if not higher, and plus, Focus’s images were better. I’m so glad I chose Focus!


Abbie Bonnevie

Greely High School


Focus is really unique, and my pictures were nothing like the cookie-cutter style images other studios use. I like the creativity Will puts into his work to make sure each shot is different, and that the client’s personality is brought out in the image. My session was fun, relaxed, and personal, not to mention glamorous.


Cat Metayer

Falmouth HS


My boys both loved coming to Focus Photography! They still talk about how much fun they had. Absolutely – Will helped them to relax and brought out the “true” personalities of each boy.

We really like the prints you made us. We bought the 4 box wall pieces for each of the boys, and they are so unique for each boy. They really demonstrate the person they are…love the one of Casey with the pic over pic different – no one else has anything like it/them.


Elizabeth Oleson

Mom to Jonathon & Casey Olesen (Deering)


You know what I like best about my senior pictures? They don’t look like everyone else’s! I worked on the yearbook and several students from a different photography studio had the exact same pose, on the exact same staircase, in the same outfit! That would never happen at Focus, because each of the pictures is unique.


Kayla Richard

Biddeford HS


I’m a senior at the Interlochen School for the Arts, which is located in Interlochen, Michigan, but I’m from Waterville, Maine. I am a classical pianist and am actively involved in the numerous musical activities put on by the arts boarding school I attend. I’m also a member of an award winning oboe, bassoon, and piano trio, as well as a member of the school choir.

I really enjoyed working with Will from Focus Photography during my shoot. He helped me to relax and feel comfortable. I was impressed with how he would snap images at times I wouldn’t think he would to create a natural look.

I love my images. The quality of the portraits captured is truly very impressive. The techniques Will used to make me stand from the background, and how everything flows so nicely together really gave my images the great quality that they have. Their editing techniques are phenomenal, though they still make me appear natural.


May Ye

Interlochen School for the Arts


I strongly recommend Focus Photography for Senior Portraits. It is the best studio in Maine, and their pictures turn out better than any other studios.

My photo session was amazing! Will was always coming up with ideas that really worked for me, and he had a good sense of my style. There was nothing traditional about my session, and that is what i loved about it!

I think Focus is the the #1 choice for seniors!


Erica Snow

Gray New-Gloucester High School


The finished portraits were better than I imagined! The background in the prints and the special effects were wonderful. Everyone that sees them is impressed.

From the minute we arrived for our photoshoot, to picking up our order, we were treated with excellent service. You were very friendly and polite, and I recommend your studio to all of my co-workers.


Marianne Snow

Mom to Erica and Tyler Snow (Gray-New Gloucester)


What caught my eye was you offered high-fashion looks with a lot of different locations. I don’t usually take good pictures, but when they showed me my images at the premiere, they were all fabulous!

My photoshoot was fun (and a little glamorous), the premiere was exciting, and I love my images.

I highly recommend Focus Photography. I get so many compliments on my pictures, and you will too.


Amy Melanson

Scarborough High School


I’m a senior at Westbrook High, and I’m involved in marching band, jazz band, theater, and tennis at my school, and the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Orchestra outside of school. I am also in the National Honors Society at my school, which is so much fun!

Working with Will (at Focus) was incredible! Not only was he a lot of fun, but he really knew what he was doing. You can tell that he always wants to take pictures that compliment a person’s individuality and the poses and styles he comes up with are creative and unique. It was a blast, and I’m glad I got the opportunity!

I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK IN MY PICTURES! I really saw for the first time how much a certain color or angle of the shoulder could make such a huge difference in the way a person looked or the impression they gave off. We had a very difficult time choosing which pictures to use because there were so many we loved.

To upcoming seniors, I just have to say that you should try to do the most with Focus as you can! Go to the beach, the old port, and the studio and just have a blast with it!

Don’t be nervous, I can guarantee that you’ll be surprised at the amount of fun you can have and the amazing results you’ll get!


Sarah Foster

Westbrook High School


#1 – Will’s crazy, and being a shy person he made me comfortable and more myself, rather than stiff and embarrassed.

Thank you very much for everything. I LOVE my pictures & Will & do recommend you to other seniors.


Meredith Lindsey

Wells High School


You put Chris at ease – he did not want to do this and you inspired him to have fun with it! And the pictures are top quality! Everyone was impressed.

We enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to having Laura’s senior pictures done with you next year!


Karen Eaton

Mom to Chris and Laura (North Yarmouth Academy)


I felt like the only client when I came to Focus. You guys really focused on me and my experience. I felt comfortable, and I really enjoyed getting to know you. The quality of the pictures came out great, too!


Lauren Besanko

Gorham High School

Oh my goodness, I don’t know who had more fun, my daughter getting her portraits taken or myself, witnessing a fun, memorable time, that you actually don’t want to end. Even weeks after our session, we talk, laugh, and speak of of Will, Lucia, and Ali with such positive reflection, that I can’t think of one thing that could have made our session with Focus any better. It was everything we expected and more!

I can’t say enough about Will, his upbeat personality is contagious! his expertise is unmeasurable, and he is just a joy to be around. You can trust him completely to have a successful photography experience, resulting in captivating images. A couple times during the session Will played around a bit with accessories, suggestions that were kind of out of the box and in doing so, created images that blew us away.

They say behind every man is a good woman, and in Will’s case it’s Lucia! She made our viewing session feel like a movie premiere, and she feels like an old friend every time I talk to her. She answered any questions we had and gave us her honest opinion when we needed it. She is professional and amiable. What a pleasure Focus Photography is. Thank you so much!

Karla Silverman

Mom to Marina and Alex (Greely)

I called a couple of different studios when researching senior pictures to decide where to go, and felt most welcome at Focus Photography! Lucia was very friendly, and made things easy for someone who wasn’t sure how things worked.

I was impressed with Will’s experience and awards prior to my shoot, and he delivered better photos than I ever could have hoped for. I love my pictures because of the variety of angles, backdrops, and locations that were featured!

Matt Robertson


Our entire experience with Focus was great! Of particular note was the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. During the sitting, I could tell John was having FUN, and I don’t think he expected to enjoy being photographed.

I thought the pricing was reasonable. I appreciated having the sitting fee separate – It made the whole experience less pressured.

The finished portraits were fantastic. We’ve gotten rave reviews from aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Peggy Moore

Mom to John (Deering)

I immediately felt comfortable with Will. When I walked into the studio, he greeted me and made me feel like I was at home. I really liked the brightness and cleanness of the pictures – you guys did a great job.

Kayla Tweedie

Westbrook HS

My session with Will was fun. There are some photographers that are awkward, but Will really knows how to talk to people. I was expecting the shoot to be quiet, but between the music and Will’s fun interjections and advice, I found myself laughing and enjoying the entire shoot.

In my pictures, I look gorgeous! I was very happy with the variety I had to choose from. I had silly pictures, serious pictures, and pictures showing me enjoying the things I love. My images have more personality than my friends’!

The viewing experience was fun for me. It was really hard choosing between the images, because they were all so good! Every member of the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgable.

The quality of the finished prints was fantastic. In one picture I’m wearing a yellow vest, and the color really came out nicely! Even though my eyes are brown, they somehow still popped out and became a focal point in many of my pictures.

Sasha Bukovskey

Gray-New Gloucester High School

My pictures are really well done, and they capture a lot of different sides and emotions. My session was fun and easy (this is coming from someone who dreaded doing it in the first place).

I want to thank you for making it easy for me. I don’t like being photographed, I didn’t want a headshot, I didn’t want to look at pictures of myself. But I love the posters we did with all my guitars, and I’m really glad I came.

Christopher Eaton

North Yarmouth Academy

My session was completely laid back and unrushed. I felt like I was their only client for the day, and we could do whatever we could think of – even posing on an 18-wheeler! I’d never felt more beautiful or relaxed. My images are amazing, but the experience was unforgettable! There’s no other photographer for seniors like Will at Focus Photography.

Audrey Allen

Massabesic High School

My session with Will was incredible. He made me feel as if I were a movie star! He also made it a fun experience and had a great personality that made you laugh and be yourself. I told my friends how fun it was, and then I got 100% bragging rights when it came to our pictures. Mine were by far the best!

The photoshoot flew by – I wish I could have had three sessions on three different days so I could have kept feeling so beautiful.

Natasha Manson

Winslow HS

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